Website support

In order to make your web project successful, it is vital to look after the website. Updates, small changes in functionality, moderating comments, and adding fresh unique texts – that’s just a limited list of what can really raise your website’s ranking.

Our team offers website support, which includes a full range of necessary adjustments to your website at an affordable price.

Website support includes:

  • Content updates and adjustments.
  • Technical changes and update of UI elements.
  • Protection against viruses and DoS attacks.
  • Website backups – reserve copies of the website. Thus we will be able to instantly restore the website in case of any fault or of any disagreement
  • Website performance monitoring. In case of any incorrect website behavior or competitors hacker attacks we will protect your website or restore it case of any issues.
  • Advising on the website performance, as well as the strategic planning phases of its development.

Website support package prices are discussed individually. The price is based on the type of the website, how much traffic the website gets and how often support is needed.

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